Starbase 11 2000

This is a single-player mod and is based on the original Star Trek series. It allows the player to tour and explore this sprawling base as it was in the year 2267. Starbase 11 was seen in two TOS episodes, "Courtmartial" and "The Menagerie", and most of the areas seen in those episodes have been recreated for this mod. The mod goes beyond what was seen on television, however, and new areas have been designed and built to create all the facilities one would expect to find at a starbase. The tour portion of the mod is divided into two main sections: the planetside base; and an orbital facility. Each section includes maps of several buildings and areas, and there are hubs from which you can travel back and forth between maps. In addition to the tour portion, there are sixteen combat missions in which you fight against enemies such as Klingons, Romulans, Orion Pirates, and Gorn. These missions can be run from within the tour portion as holographic simulations, like the holodeck programs in Elite Force's original single-player campaign and expansion pack.
Download (uploaded by Official Site)

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