Half-Rats: A Fever Dream + Parasomnia 1998

July the fourteenth, 1883. Being rather rudely awakened after a night of drunken revelry; Half-Rats is thrust into a rather dire situation. Utter calamity has erupted in the streets outside of the general store which he calls home - calamity of the most unnatural and horrific kind, that is. Now he and the shop keeper, Mr. Trask, must hold out against this infernal host of creatures together. Will they survive the night? The first in the "Half-Rats" series. The game begins at the general store where you and Mr. Trask, your landlord and shop-keep must make a stand against a great horror whose origins will only be revealed at the close of this story. Though it is a general store, that does not mean it boasts unlimited resources...supplies and manpower will begin to run thin - and you'll need to face hell to go out and gather them. You may end up meeting a fresh face or two during the night's journey - try and keep them alive and kicking, yeah? Some of them could become great assets. Estimated playtime on Medium difficulty: 1 Hour 20 minutes. Gameplay features (By type): Survival; Rail shooter - Boats and Trains perhaps; Platformer; Arena (Run 'n Gun); Escape (i.e.: Shit your pants running and evading - all while trying not to slip on what drops out of your trouser legs). Half-Rats: Parasomnia features UN-skippable monologue and dialogue. July, 1883. Half-Rats is, as he usually seems to be; down on his luck and fretting for the future. One fateful night, he carelessly decides to drown his sorrows with strong libations - and he runs up a tab at a pub he knows he can't pay...Remarkably; Instead of a reproachful speech and coarse removal, he is instead told a tale he can hardly believe. A tale involving great riches, but even greater peril. If he was not so desperate, he wouldn't conceive of embarking on what could be a wild goose chase to locate a forgotten and virtually unknown town. Half-Rats' doubts were abated somewhat when the publican shews his utmost sincerity - albeit in a strange and effusive manner - and draws him a rude map. "Thank the lord, for he smote that place from the Earth in '81. We lived, but most met their destruction the night that liberating conflagration visited freedom upon us. We're the last of 'em...There was a vault in the bank, large sums of money would have been stole away there, safe. We vowed never to go back, to keep that place a dread secret until tonight." The seemingly mythical town in question is referred to as "Eminence". With no other hope to speak of, and fearing that this may be treachery after all; Half-Rats is still compelled to begin this peregrination to his "El Dorado" with weapons at the ready. But he'll find much more than gold and banknotes before his journey is through. All is not what it seems, and he'll find a living, livid hell to contend with...And the close of a dilemma he'd all but forgotten. Features: Brand new maps. Featuring several environments; Inventory items you can carry with you and use. Each with its own effects. you can carry up to 9 of each item on the planet; Lantern that requires oil to function; Monetary system. You can pick up cash and valuable objects in order to purchase items at stores; Brand-new enemies to contend with - Many with their own abilities and fighting styles; Mixed enemies that each utilize their abilities in a squad setting to take you down; 6 new period weapons; "Kicking" enemies and "Blocking" attacks during melee combat; "Half-Cat Cheroots" combat companion; Over 600 brand-new textures from scratch; New sounds; New soundtrack provided by "Ague".
Half-Rats: Parasomnia - Steam Download / Download v1.0b 210MB (uploaded by Steam / ModDB)
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