Chroma (cancelled) Hidden Path Entertainment, Harmonix Music Systems 2014

This was to be a free-to-play first-person online shooter that offered innovative gameplay solutions. The developer is well known to fans of dance and music games thanks to the Rock Band and Dance Central series. It sould be probably the first shooter in the history of music. The production contains all that we are used to by modern network shooting. Players can play in several game modes (including team modes), and have at their disposal many character classes, which differ in their abilities and skills. In combat, we use weapons that shoot beams of sounds, starting from low bass, through the sharp sound of the electric guitar, and ending with pop electronics. Players can thus reflect their musical tastes, style of play and add character to their characters. The soundtrack plays an important role during the matches. Developers have introduced special events related to it, the so-called change ups. The arena changes during significant fragments of the song played in the background. Along with the slowing down or accelerating rhythm of music, new shields or shooting towers appear, and in many places the terrain also changes. It was to use a free-to-play model. This meant that we could download it for free, but some elements of the game were unlocked through microtransactions, including many bonuses and character customization features. After a closed alpha was not met with success, the game was cancelled.
Alpha Version 2.2GB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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