Aster KS / Critical Bliss 2018

Fight your way through 38 levels of arcade action in this adult-oriented reimagining of the iconic arcade game Asteroids. Instead of shooting for a high score, we are tasked with surviving all of the stages on offer to take down the boss of the alien menace. You are given a choice of which of the four space vessels to commandeer. Each possesses their own stats and there is no going back to choose another later down the line. You can upgrade any stat you desire later on, so ships are more of a specialized starter build than a way to lock you into any particular playstyle. Gain currency to spend at a shop to increase your health, shields or acquire secondary weapons. Includes 10 unique enemies, each with their own animation. Defeating the last boss will unlock all of the H content.
Trial Level Demo 67MB (uploaded by DLsite)

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