Adventures of Ten and Till, The Toro Nishino / LionWing Publishing 2020

This is a bullet hell shoot-em-up developed by Japanese doujin designer. Created by a single developer, the game offers a robust shooting experience that merges gorgeous lo-fi pixel art with challenging gameplay reminiscent of classic CAVE vertical shooters. It features unique mechanics like on-the-fly character-swapping, a risk-reward scoring system, a variety of challenging stages, and an emotionally-stirring soundtrack. Features: Intense bullet-hell gameplay inspired by famed CAVE shooters like DoDonPachi; 9 stages (+ 1 special stage) and 10 boss encounters including a True last boss; 2 different endings: Normal ending and True ending; 2 playable characters that can be swapped on-the-fly with the press of a single button; Character-specific shot types as well as shared shot types; A risk-reward scoring system with score-based extends for racking up additional points; A shield mechanic that allows players to stack up to three barriers to absorb bullets; Unlockable side-bar art to customize your play experience; A breathtaking 25-track soundtrack that complements a touching story. There are two playable characters in the game, the titular Ten and Till. These two characters can be swapped between on the fly, with each one possessing their own strengths and limitations. Ten is a swordsman-in-training. Overflowing with righteousness, Ten is a young girl who bears the swordsmanship and manner of dress passed down in her village for generations. (It's said that her home village's culture originated from another world long ago.) Ten's shot type is a powerful, concentrated burst that hits enemies directly in front of her. Till is an up-and-coming dancer. Till is a kind girl who brings smiles to the people of Lowres through her alluring dances. Although she's always being helped out by Ten, Till hopes to one day be able to support her friend in the way her friend’s supported her. Till's shot type is a less powerful but screen-encompassing spread shot that can hit multiple enemies at once. By pressing the Shot Mode change button, you can switch between the two following shot modes: L-Mode is a shot that can reach far away, while S-Mode is a shot with short-range but high destructive power. There are benefits to using each, which are detailed in the game's manual.
Download: None currently available

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