Mechblaze Astro Port / Henteko Doujin 2020

Release Date: Nov 6 An inferno roars over a destroyed secret military base. Machine guns mow down wave after wave of advancing steel. Pile Bunkers send deadly lances piercing through giant foes. Then, from the flaming invincible super robot is reborn. Super Mechs born of advanced science and modern weaponry battle in heavy weight run-and-gun mech shooter. The year is 1989 AD. The extraterrestrial invasion from the "Gogoh Army" has been crushed, and humankind is finally beginning to return to peace and prosperity. But then, a powerful secret society known as the "Neo Roland Party" rises up and executes synchronized attacks across the globe plunging the world into chaos once again. The remaining military forces have now re-mobilized, and are poised to boldly fight back against the rampaging Neo Roland Party. This is the saga of another epic battle that took place at the same time as the events in ARMED SEVEN. Playable Character: SER-28 Vostok - A 6.1 meter tall small type MCR (Manned Combat Robot). Developed by professor Amamori as a hobby project, it serves as a shining testament to the technological prowess his research lab. Despite its small size, ultra-thick armor and an ability to wield a wide variety of weapons puts its combat effectiveness on par with even heavy class MCRs. It has many auxiliary attachments as well, however most of them were destroyed in heavy fighting. Features: 6 Unique stages of robo combat action; 13 types of weapons to meet any situation; 5 difficulty levels: Easy to INSANE.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)
Standalone Level Demo v5564300 98MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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