Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond Respawn Entertainment / Electronic Arts Inc. 2020

Release Date: Dec 11 This is a VR shooter from the popular FPS war series. It was developed by studio known from Apex Legends and Titanfall series. Above all, however, the founders of the team developed the classic Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, as well as the first few installments of the Call of Duty series. The game abandons the contemporary realities present in the Medal of Honor from 2015, taking us to the more classic period of World War II for this brand. The player takes on the role of an agent of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), a United States intelligence agency whose goal is to help the Allies win the Axis Powers. Such a move has allowed the authors to prepare a very diverse campaign, during which we can visit many different fronts. It's a first-person action game, fully exploiting the potential of VR technology. During the game, the player can freely move around the maps, and the game focuses on fighting the enemies. During clashes we use mainly firearms, but we can also throw grenades, knives and small objects (e.g. pots in the kitchen). If we have good reflexes, we can even catch a grenade in flight and throw it back. The fun is diversified by occasional sneaky sections and simple riddles based on interactions with the elements of the environment. The production offers a comprehensive feature campaign with a wide variety of tasks. The player will help the French resistance movement, sabotage Nazi bases, sink German ships and take part in armored battles. The authors have also not forgotten about multiplayer mode. An additional attraction are the interviews in which the veterans of the Second World War tell their stories.
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