Purple Dinosaur Pulverizer John Dondzila 1994

Another fan-made parody by the same author of Purple Dinosaur Massacre, this unleashes three more waves of purple reptiles on players. In the United States, from 1992 to 2010, the children's television series "Barney & Friends" was released, in which the protagonist was a purple dinosaur named Barney (ordinary actors played along with actors dressed in animal costumes). This series enjoyed an ambiguous reputation due to, let's say, a high level of stupidity and collected a fairly large number of haters, including the author of this game. There's three single-screen levels: forest glade, city and desert with cacti. On each you need to shoot dinosaurs until the kill scale is filled to the end. Each missed opponent fills in another scale - gaps - and if it is filled, the game will end with the well-known two-word inscription. All dinosaurs die from one hit, despite the wide variety of species. There are ordinary pedestrians, there are those flying on airplanes, flying carpets, UFOs, or balloons, there are those descending on parachutes or balloons, and, finally, there are those taking off on a jetpack. The main guarantee of a successful game is accuracy. The stock of cartridges is not very high, but quite often ammunition falls from the sky on small parachutes. At the end of each level, the number of reptiles increases sharply, but if the skip scale did not have time to fill up strongly by this moment, then this will not cause any special problems. At the end of the game, the viewer will be shown thanking us for getting rid of the hated series. The graphics in the game are made with great care: the death of each type of dinosaur is well animated, sometimes even the type of animation depends on whether we hit the head or the legs. The first and third backgrounds, of course, are plain, but the abundance of details does not interfere with aiming. Sound and musical accompaniment is available and also leaves a positive impression. If you hate the dinosaur Barney, then do not miss the opportunity to deal with him. However, for the game to be liked, such feelings do not have to be experienced. For everyone else, this is just a good and uncomplicated virtual shooting range.
Free Game 296kb (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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