Rick Henderson Fat Pug Studio 2020

Release Date: TBA This is endless horizontal-scrolling shoot 'em up with infinite replayability, a true homage to 16-bit shooters wrapped in graphics we all loved. Twitch your fingers through five enemy factions and their bosses, upgrade your ship and try to survive through unpredictable space events. Levels are generated by combining hand-crafted waves, multiple bosses variations and random events to provide unique, but satisfying experience every time you play. To deepen the replayability of the game, included are several random events that will keep the players on their toes. Warp Malfunction - borrowed this idea from Galaga Deluxe, one of my favorite games from Amiga 500 back in the day. Between the levels, there's a small chance that your warp drive will malfunction and you may end up in null-space where you will be attacked by solo faction ships only, or get stuck in a meteor storm that can yield extra points or end your run if you are destroyed in it. Asteroid Rain, Laser Barrage, Minefield - Complete the level during some of these events for an additional score multiplier. Perks - Depending on your style of play, at the end of each level you are presented with a choice of perks that can help you last longer, be it a faster ship, more health, additional score multiplier, better firing rate for certain types of weapons, critical hit chances for your weapons and so on. There are over 20 weapons (for now, plan is to have around 40) divided into three groups Bullet, Missile, Energy. Each of the weapon types deals a different amount of damage based on the type of enemy armor, which is spread out into Unarmored, Armored and Shielded. It currently features over 40 enemy ships to blast divided into 5 factions: Pirates - Your typical cannon fodder faction, aggressive small and medium ships that make up the ship and weapon quality with numbers; Rift Miners - Mining AI gone haywire, a lot of blades, drills and industrial grade weapons and armor; Terran Confederacy - Highly organized military fleet with tight formations and organized attacks; Paragon Cult - Mysterious cult utilizing an unknown source of energy in form of yellow orbs both for weapons, propulsion and cloak systems; SunDyne Corporation (still in works) - Privately owned space exploring corporation equipped with cutting-edge technology that let's no-one stand in their path; Rokh Raiders - survivors of a long lost planet colonization gone wrong that are building their ships from space scrap. Some designs are in the works, but additional funding is needed for the artist to finish the rest of the ships so will be making an Indiegogo campaign.
Level Demo 169MB (uploaded by Itch.io)

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