Double Impact Ralphis & RottKing 2020

This is a episode replacement PWAD for The Ultimate Doom by Matt Cibulas (RottKing) and Ralph Vickers (Ralphis). It is a winner of 2011's 18th Annual Cacowards, requires a limit-removing port to play. In its original PWAD form, it replaces all nine levels of Episode 1. On 11 November 2013, it has been included with Freedoom: Phase 1, as part of the fourth chapter of the game. On 13th February 2020, Double Impact was the first community-made mod to be adopted by Bethesda as one of the official add-ons for the Doom Classic Unity port. This version is slightly different. First, the intermission image, which incorporates the cover art from the unlicensed Hungarian novel Doom - Tisztítótűz, was recreated using instead the Eisen character from Quake Champions (specifically, the Eisen skin variant featuring a cap and an eyepatch). Another difference involves the alteration of the d_e1m8 theme to remove references to the PSX Doom theme. You’re a UAC mechanic, knee-deep in fixing corporate hardware in the maintenance area as demons from Hell bust loose looking for human souls to devour. Instead of being a guns-blazing badass, you must think and act like a mortal trying to stay alive – a smart one, at that. It has much larger maps, that includes a lot of doubling back (for more impact :D) and testing you with a myriad of scenarios where you’ll feel outnumbered and outgunned. To be victorious, you must use the environment and maneuverability to maximum advantage. It’s important to note that you’re not meant to take on every enemy you encounter - quite the opposite in certain areas. Always use barrels responsibly - they’re there for a reason. Make the most of these volatile containers by funneling enemies into tighter corridors. Keep the inverse in mind, however - bolting from claustrophobic fights to lure high-damage demons into open areas ensures you can use these explosive bad boys without getting blown up as collateral. The fundamental rules of DOOM101 apply: when you hit a switch, be ready. Don’t be afraid to attempt a mad dash to an EXIT switch. Remember: you’re a mechanic, not a Marine – staying in the fray longer than necessary can be deadly. In case you forget that you’re a simple staffer merely trying to survive, the daunting list of areas ahead are labeled as your “ESCAPE ROUTE”. Just like it says in your UAC company safety training manual, know your Escape Route and keep in mind it isn’t a list of areas to power through like the buff Space Marine you’re not.
Download *requires Ultimate Doom or Doom 2 1.31MB (uploaded by Doomworld)

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