Summoner VR: The Ruined Village Mino Entertainment Inc. 2020

This is designed for high quality VR headsets. We want players to actually move in spooky buildings and use weapons and find clues for puzzles. Each stage has its own traps and puzzles. Axes, guns, saws, and bombs enable realistic combat with life-size zombies. Throw a bomb at a herd of zombies, and move your body through the flying spear. Beat the boss with a fiery axe. It tries to express realistic graphics as much as possible. Explore the darkness of an old mansion, an abandoned school and raided hospitals. You will see bloodstained bed, skeletons, and horrific tentacles. After kill all your enemies, don't forget to take a look around. A sunny classroom and a mansion glowing in the starlight are places where beauty and horror coexist. The peaceful rural village was turned into an undead-controlled ruin by the witch's raid. Leave your hiding place in a fight for survival. The village is full of undead and cursed monsters, but it also contains weapons, medicine, food and secret stories. Explore the village and strengthen your weapons. Defeat powerful zombies and demonstrate your skill by shooting them in the head by a gun. Collect clues to find out why the witch attacked the village and her weakness. In this small but historic village, legendary weapons and magic are hidden. Break through the trap and find the key. If you're strong enough, then perhaps, you will be able to defeat the witch.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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