Star Crusader - Bonus Disk Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. 1994

This is a bonus 21 extra missions. However, it is not the Grimnada Expansion Pack. Half of it is just the previously listed demo. Since it works with the release-version of Star Crusader, all other alien ships can be hex edited into a PREVIOUS.GAM file. It installs on both the diskette and CD versions of Star Crusader, but the CD version can't access it by default for some reason. The CD version can run it if a PREVIOUS.GAM from the diskette version is used. (PREVIOUS.GAM merely notes which files to load.) WARNING: Installing the Bonus Disk on the CD version breaks the medal system. The game remains playable, but Roman will never earn a medal in the main campaign. Reinstalling the CD version presumably fixes this. The first half of the mission tree is an exact duplicate of the demo. New missions start after “Unfriendly Fire” by encountering the Zemun. This tree contains hexadecimal codes for each mission. Change the first byte in PREVIOUS.GAM to switch missions.
Full Demo ( provided by starlord & upped by Scaryfun) 3.26MB

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