Aliens Vs. Predator 2 - Multiplayer Map Update 1 Monolith / Fox, Sierra 2001

This was a free update with 10 new multiplayer maps for these modes: Deathmatch/Team Deathmatch/Hunt/Survivor - dm_alley, dm_fury151, dm_hanger, dm_stronghold; Evac - evac_alley, evac_fury151, evac_gauntlet, evac_hanger; Overrun - over_alley, over_stronghold. The evacuating team in evac_alley must follow activate or destroy a trapped human in an infested section of the complex in order to summon the dropship that will make evacuation possible. Marines and Corporates motion trackers show this human's position with a red dot. Note that this update requires Patch v1.0.9.3 to be installed first.
Free Download 12MB (uploaded by PC Gaming Wiki)
Patch v1.0.9.6 + fixed exe 41MB (uploaded by PC Gaming Wiki)
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