Arma III Creator DLC: CSLA Iron Curtain CSLA Studio / Bohemia Interactive 2020

Release Date: Oct The Arma 3 Creator DLC program enables selected outside developers to publish original new content for Arma 3 as commercial DLC on Steam. Originally founded in early 2001, the CSLA Studio team focused on the history of the Cold War era in Czechoslovakia since the first Arma game, Arma: Cold War Assault, was released. Putting thousands of hours into making community modifications, the team earned the respect of the Arma community. Expanding and utilizing their experience, the team is now taking their work to the next level with this DLC. Welcome behind the Iron Curtain! Take a look at what life behind the barbed wire could have been in an alternate universe of the 1980s in Czechoslovakia and its border with West Germany. Ride, fly, or run into battle against your enemy in an all-new lush and mountainous terrain. Conduct large-scale mechanized infantry operations, Special Forces raids and long-range reconnaissance patrols deep behind enemy lines. Choose to be a member of US Armed Forces, Czechoslovak People's Army, Independent Rebels, or even play as a civilian. Features: Original 256 km2 landlocked terrain "Gabreta" with deep forests, windswept mountains, and calm valleys; Close representation of a once heavily guarded border between Czechoslovakia and West Germany; Cold War era armed forces of the United States and Czechoslovakia, as well as local rebel fighters; New ground and air vehicles; New weapons; Singleplayer and multiplayer scenarios. The 256 km2 Gabreta Terrain - This map depicts the southwestern border area of 1980s Czechoslovakia and West Germany. The vast border area divides the map into two different worlds. This contribution of Czechoslovakia to the Iron Curtain stretches through a diverse terrain of rivers, valleys, and mountains. Meeting your enemy on the field of battle will make you fight for both urban and country areas while operating from field camps, military bases and airfields. If you get tired of fighting your enemies, you can just wander into the woods along tourist trails and visit various landmarks including a large castle, a dam, caverns, mines and other interesting places. Terrain features: Buildings characteristic of 1980s Czechoslovakia and West Germany; Various military outposts and radar installations; Railway network; Large bodies of water representing rivers, swamps, and a large dam; One full blown airbase and one improvised airfield on a highway. Scenarios - Use the full potential of both armies' inventory. Battle Czechoslovak armored columns in your trusty Abrams tank. Lead a team of Special Forces on a combat patrol in enemy territory. Get together with a group of fellow players and liberate vast territories from the hands of other human players or AI forces. Alternatively, get back to the roots and visit a military equipment showcase at a local airbase to test all vehicles and weapons in a military training area. Fight in a plethora of new vehicles such as the T-72 Main Battle Tank, M113 and OT-62 APCs. Cover vast distances in Mi-17 and UH-60 transport helicopters. Pick up new weapons to battle your enemies with classics such as the FAL and Sa-58 assault rifles, XM177 carbine and M1911 pistol. A large variety of weapon attachments, such as bipods, suppressors, flashlights, regular and night vision scopes will be available. People who do not own this DLC will be able to download and install the DLC's optional data via the Arma 3 Steam Workshop.
Download: None currently available

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