Cosmowarrior Zero [J] Taito Corporation / Cyberfront Corporation 2002

This is a 3D combat game, originally on Playstation in 2000, based on characters from Leiji Matsumoto's universe - or "Leijiverse". After the Great War against the machines' Galactic Government, Earth is a ruined planet. Warius Zero once was the commander of the terran fleet, but he lose his wife and children during the war and is now a broken man. Earth's government decide to give Warius a new mission : find the space pirates led by young Captain Harlock and stop them before the Galactic Government decides to break the already weak peace treaty. At first, Warius accepts the mission as he is searching a new meaning to his life. But he will soon discover that things are in fact much, much more complicated. The game features action scenes where you explore levels and fight enemies, and boss battles in 3D arena. Multiplayer involves only the latter. As you progress in the "story mode", you unlock new characters both well-known heroes of the Leijiverse - such as Lady Emeraldas, Great Samurai Tochiro, Battle Analyser (the robot from "Starblazers") and of course Captain Harlock - and newcomers such as Grenadier the mercenary, the bounty hunter La Sylviana, and the evil Hellmatear. You also unlock a special gallery containing production sketches, artworks and original drawings from Matsumoto himself.
Japanese ISO Demo 666MB (uploaded by myloch)
PS1 Video

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