Dynamic: Colonization of Jupiter Sasha Vukelich 2001

This is a vertical shooter game made with QBasic in which the eye is treated to new levels of speed and special effects. Your one-man armada must protect the planet at all costs. You find yourself stationed atop the colony ship, awaiting commands from your high officer. You glance to the left and to the front of your ship, staring at the beautiful planet you were sworn to protect. You look to the aft at the colony ship you promised to defend. And now, your skills are ready to be tested. Your fellow pilots don't see it, but your ship's sensors indicate a meteor shower headed directly toward the colony ship. But your eyes can see even further into the distance, and you see a wave of enemy ships behind the shower ready to ambush you and your friends. No time to warn the colony ship... it's time to take down this ambush with a frontal assault. It was 2001 QB Gaming Gold Award Winner for Best Arcade Game.
Free Game ( provided by starlord & upped by Scaryfun) 962kb

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