Foxeroids Bouncing Fox Productions 2003

This is a simple clone of Asteroids, with no special features. Using the cursor keys, the player guides Bouncing Fox's snailfox around an asteroid field. The space bar lets it fire at the asteroids. There is no hyperspace or shields. A large asteroid splits into two medium asteroids. These, in turn, split into two small asteroids. Small asteroids, if hit, just clear from the screen. Once the last asteroid is cleared, the player moves to the next level with more asteroids. Being hit five times, means dying and the game ends. As this game is trying to feel like a silent movie, there is no sound or music. When the player is hit, a screen pops up that says "Owch!" and when he dies, it says "Bugger!".
Free Game ( provided by starlord & upped by Scaryfun) 2.3MB

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