Exolon DX RetroSpec 2005

This is a fan-made remake of the classic Exolon originally released on the ZX Spectrum in 1987. You are a cyborg named Vitorc and must blast through five levels to escape to a better planet in this platform game. In addition to the original game's levels this remake boasts a new last level, new tunes and updated graphics. Normally Vitorc roams in a stormtrooper suit but by passing through a red pod you can morph in Exolon, a super armoured trooper. To get through each level you must memorize exactly where the traps are and how they are triggered to progress. Blast the sphere pods to release little red balls which will destroy objects they run into. You can use your blaster to make some walls disintegrate or to launch idling missiles. With the complete exoskeleton armor of Exolon, your weapon will be updated with one more laser blast and you can't die if your walk on traps such as the steel claws which are buried beneath the ground.
Free Game v1.04 13.5MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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