Necrocage ReveVoodoo 2020

Episode 1 The necrocage is a floating structure parked on a rotten planet, it is a jail for organic and mechanical waste in equal parts. Xb23 is a unique creature in its raza, the so-called humans, simple food and fertilizer. The beings that inhabit the universe call humans. Day, week or month, depending on the value of it, because here the time is relative, but they know of his old existence. His only mistake was to throw the waste to xb23, the only human being valued as Year. It's a horror sci-fi ambient game, with third person camera similar to Silent Hill. There are 5 episodes in total. Episode 2 Only XB23 knows its fixed destination, after falling from a missile launched directly from the Necrocaja. It falls on the planet from where the human specimens for it are collected, and also who is in charge of it. Episode 3 Many people speak, they tell this same story in hundreds of different ways. Some narrate violence and blood, others decorate it as revenge. The real story has something stronger, but nobody knows that from hell to XB23. They called it Vall, look for the truth of your story. Episode 4 Vall needs to do what he has to do, after reaching the entrance of the city, he is ready to do whatever it takes to go up to that damn building . Episode 5 To face the internal demons you have to get rid of the external ones, Vall travels to the Necrocage to eliminate it and his father if he manages to find him before.
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