Mach 3 Loriciels 1987

Release Date: Mach 3 This is a classic 3D shooter with a typical Michel Winogradoff sampled title tune - very cool. It utilizes CGA 320x200 different video modes according to the levels (white, pink and blue in the first, green, yellow and red in the second). In the game, the player controls a spacecraft and shoots various enemy crafts while avoiding mines and obstacles. Mach 3 became somewhat famous for the sampled phrases spoken (through PC speaker) such as "Get ready", "Game over", and "Oh boy! ". The action is very smooth and fast, and overall it's a very polished CGA game that manages to overcome many hardware limitations. In the PC conversion the tune is played through the PC speaker, so the game should be played in real DOS mode.
Full Demo 185kb (uploaded by MyAbandonware)

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