Lost VR, The Tomatovr 2019

I cannot remember anything. I do not know why I am locked in this place, being chased by soldiers. But what I know is that I can’t die here; I need to recover my memories. That is why I am going to fight back. To escape this place and to find the truth is what I have to do. Currently created only for VR play, “The Lost” is a game in which you can experience fierce battles in a futuristic setting. The mission is to overcome a number of challenges with weapons ranging from pistols to powerful submachine guns. As the situation progresses, the user will be in greater danger, requiring the user’s survival instincts. The user will be able to feel more thrill than ever from the battles taking place in the apocalyptic future. Variety of Weapons: You can use the VR motion controller and handle more than 10 types of weapon with both hands; the two weapons can be combined to complete your own tactical play. Various Chapters for Survival: You have to recover the lost memories and to survive. As the game proceeds, you have to defeat countless enemies and recover the gigantic war machine. Thrilling Gunfight: Curl your body and hide behind covers. By aiming at the enemies exactly to eliminate them, you can experience a realistic gunfight experience. Tactical Teleportation: The “Teleport” function can be used to move to the desired location. You can use different methods for dealing with your enemies based on the location you are in. So, don’t just stay in one location. Move quickly between places to overtake the enemies. Realistic Physics Engine and Graphics: You can test his survival skills in the dark, bleak future civilization. You will be able to experience a high level of immersion in the virtual reality of the future. This is the ultimate FPS VR game. You must defend yourself from enemies with various guns. It's only available in singleplayer-mode, and you can gradually clear the stages according to the difficulty. Take over best teleport spots and choose proper guns strategically to defeat enemies. Features: 6 waves to complete the game; Various combat locations; Teleport to certain spots; Various and realistic gun shooting experience.
Download: None currently available

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