Planet Automata Mushpototo 2019

The galaxy is being threatened by an army of robots, but a brave hamster will step up as the hero. Classic arcade gameplay with pixelated graphics on 6 unique stages and bosses. Enjoy a science fiction adventure on a remote planet with an amazingly cute hamster. Challenging bullet hell gameplay. Enemies, bosses, bullet patterns, score system, and controls have been carefully refined to keep you at the edge of your seat. A true challenge for the most skilled players awaits. If you are not familiar with bullet hell shooters we strongly recommend you to check out some techniques on how to play them. Combo system - Chain enemy kills before the bar on the top left side of the screen gets empty to accumulate combo points. The longer the combo, the higher the score. If you get hit the combo will be broken and you will loose the points. Using bombs will restart the combo, but the points won't be lost. Score multiplier - Get the energy released by killed enemies to fill the bar located under the combo bar. Once this bar is filled, the multiplier will increase. Getting hit and using bombs will decrease it, so better use them wisely if you are going for a high score. Weapon power up system - Filling the multiplier bar will also level up the weapon. The higher the level, the more powerful your shoot will be. Getting hit will decrease your level. Boss rush mode - Fight against all bosses one after another. Complete the game to unlock this extra mode. A soundtrack of 88 tracks specially created for the game. Unlock and listen to them with the in-game music player. Wide view - You can manually adjust the side panels opacity. You can also adjust them full black to avoid distractions or remove them completely to get a nice wide view, the choice is yours. Keep in mind that the playing area remains the same. Tate mode is included for the ultimate 90s shmup arcade experience. Spin the screen 90 degrees and enjoy the game in 9:16 aspect ratio. Supports keyboard and external controllers (e.g. gamepad or arcade stick).
Download: None currently available

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