Red Wings: Aces of the Sky All in! Games 2020

The main game is a free version. Fly in four levels of the German campaign in three different planes, each with two skins. Don’t worry about the difficulty, the free version of the game will cover you with a tutorial. Try the game for free and upgrade it to the full version when you buy Red Wings: Aces of the Sky - Upgrade Pack. It's an arcade action game that will put you behind the controls of WW1 warplanes. The game combines the action-packed dynamics of classic flight games with modern arcade gameplay and detailed, stylized 3D art. Play solo or with a friend in 2-player local co-op modes. Upgrade your pilot progression skill tree to improve your stats and skills. Witness the birth, rise, and fall of the talented Red Baron, Manfred von Richthofen - the ultimate hero of the war, credited with 80 victories. Become a part of his squadron or lead the hunt to take him down in the Story Mode with two separate campaigns (Triple Alliance and Triple Entente). Accompany the legendary Red Baron and conquer the skies of the Great War. Use your unique skills to take your opponents down, develop your deadly pilot aim and become the true ace of the sky. Full version of the game available in the Upgrade Pack will let you: Play 50 story-driven campaign missions and relive the epic aerial combat of World War I; Control 12 historical warplanes of the Entente Powers and the Triple Alliance; Upgrade your pilot progression skill tree to improve your stats and skills; Fly through different game modes with a friend in local co-op; Survival mode (playable also in local co-op); Fully customizable Versus Mode for local split-screen co-op.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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