Drive 4 Survival M3M Games 2020

Early Access Release This is a struggle for survival mostly in the frozen wilderness, where you have to rely only on yourself and your car. You begin in a relatively safe zone, which will serve as your base. And from this base, you will be able to travel for knowledge and adventure or build your home here according to your ideas. Your travels will lead mainly to locations that have succumbed to climate change and are ruled by severe winters, bad weather, and enemies who want only one thing. And that is: make your life as uncomfortable as possible. But there are still locations in the world that have not succumbed to climate change but are still devastated and full of danger. In the middle of an inhospitable world, you will be mostly alone for everything - you must not trust anyone and not forget that the world around you is your greatest enemy. With minimal initial equipment, you must first solve your basic needs and a safe haven from inclement weather and an inhospitable world. For faster and a little safer travel and exploring the world, you need to repair and get your first car. Ensure sufficient fuel for him and embark on a dangerous journey. Features: cars; survival system (food, water, fatigue, ambient and body temperature, oxygen, poison etc.); player level system; reputation system; blueprints learning system; safe home zone; snowy and forest locations; building your own home; trade system; tasks (tutorial, base, reputation, daily etc.); animals, bandits & zombies; enemies are fighting each other; enemies can drive cars; farming; dungeon like zone (bunkers, caves etc.); mostly hand-made locations; weapon durability system; online in-game radio. Your car is an integral part of surviving in the frozen wilderness. But he requires repairs and, most importantly, enough fuel. You will have to look for the last remnants of fuel in the whole world, and sometimes it will be a fight for life. But the reward will be the opportunity to enjoy the fantastic ride and get to distant locations quickly. During your travels, whether you are looking for raw materials or exploring the world. You will encounter many enemies. They have their own problems and how many times will they fight among themselves or against their main enemies. There are many mysterious nooks and places in the world to explore from the last remnants of a civilization that have not yet been covered in snow to mysterious locations. The main base will serve as a safe haven for you. Where you will be able to plan new trips or recover here after a fight or bad weather. Tired of waiting at the base. So build your own house according to your ideas and fantasies. And start a new home here or just a cottage in which you will warm yourself during a long journey. You can build crop fields near your house. And in peace to grow basic crops or just settle down and try to live as a farmer. The need to secure basic raw materials - Building a house, repairing a car but above, all securing enough for survival will require the need to obtain basic raw materials. So you will have to cut down trees for wood. Find rocks that can be mined and use a pickaxe to secure enough stones. But most of all, the need to search every corner of the world and find the last usable things. Weapons, ammunition, food, clothing, and lots of other items. Make sure you get warm and fresh water. In addition to meals, it will be necessary to ensure warmth, either by wearing clothes or hiding in a warm home. Anyway, you can't do without the need for fire - the fire will become your main friend in the inhospitable wasteland even to obtain fresh water. And much more... For better enjoyment of long journeys in the car around the frozen world, you have a car radio with a connection to a real online music radio station.
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