Tactical Warfare Simulator Hollow World Games llc 2020

Release Date: Dec 15 It's the War to End All Wars and you have joined the ranks of the new breed of soldier, the fighter pilot. Join a real-time battle that rages on beneath you and watch as your efforts work to turn the tide of battle. Rise in rank with the Allies or Central Powers and take command of a squadron. Manage your pilots, aircraft, and supplies or assign AI officers to take care of it for you. History will be made by your decisions and skill as a leader and pilot. Features: Free Flight Mode; Dogfight Mode; Real-time Battle Mode; Faction Progression In Real-time Battles; Simple and Advanced Flight Models; Multiplayer In All Modes. Supports VR through SteamVR, Non-VR, and TrackIR. Requires a game controller, Hotas, or VR Controllers to play.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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