Geometric Sniper YAW Studios 2020

Early Access Release When taking the mission, pay attention to the photo and information obtained by secret agents about your target. As a Sniper, you need to have a good memory to find and eliminate the target in the crowd before it runs away and makes another victim. Immerse yourself in Andrew's story and feel the pressure of being a sniper. In lively and varied environments, designed exclusively for this fantastic game, you will not have a second chance, precision is everything. After troubled events, Andrew reflects on the direction of his life and the consequences of his career. His senior officers had planned a "rest" time for Andrew, but he was assigned to a secret division where he will have to carry out missions for the good of his country and deal with the ghosts of his past. Game Modes: Adventure - In living environments designed exclusively for this game, put yourself to the test in 12 missions, one more challenging than the other. Experience the pressure of being a sniper. Every detail counts, from carefully observing the mission information to finding the perfect shot opportunity. Every second will make the difference between life and death. Find Mode - Sharpen your precision even more. Have fun in this game mode where you have to find objects scattered around the scenarios and hit them. How fast and accurate are you able to shoot? Ranking - Who will remain at the top? Who will be the fastest and most accurate Sniper? These questions will be answered here! There will be a rating for each game mode. Killing innocents in the game will result in major rank points lost, causing your ranking to drop, so be accurate and hit the correct target.
Download: None currently available

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