Groove Gunner BitCutter Studios Inc. 2020

This unique take on the VR Rhythm genre challenges players with a mix of shooting and blocking. Every song is carefully crafted to be fun, exciting and challenging. Test your skills while you move, shoot and block to the beat. Maintaining your accuracy while keeping up the pace is both challenging and rewarding. Visually Exciting - Each song in the game is accompanied by a light and stage show customized with assets from the musical artists, pyrotechnics, big screens and more. Four difficulties ensure the game is exciting for everyone. Complete your collection - Each featured artist has 5 collectable records in the game. Content Creator Tools - it includes support for LIV to make it easy for streamers to make great content. You can also enable the Groove Camera to make first-person more comfortable for your viewers by choosing smoothness, FOV and locking view tilt. It includes the same full editor used to create the featured songs within the game. Customize the shooting, blocking, and movement for your own songs. Fully editable lightshow and assets for each song add to the excitement.
Steam Level Demo (VR only) (uploaded by Steam)

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