Aliens Infestation Trilogy Mark Pay 2004

This is a series of games inspired by the Alien movies. Aliens Infestation A ship arrives at a terraforming colony. The entire crew appears dead and they find several aliens in the cargo area which they manage to escape and take advantage of to take 2 or 3 colonists. As time goes by everything turns into chaos, hysteria and paranoia seizes the colonists who one by one disappear. In the game you are one of those lucky ones armed with a pulse rifle and doing everything possible to escape from the aliens. Aliens Infestation 2: Last Man Standing You begin as one of the few marines left from a mission that happens in who knows where. The most interesting part of this installment is that it has the option of 2 players as well as the option of 1 player where you decide what type of weapons configuration you want for your fellow Marines (flamethrower, shotgun, smartgun, pulse rifle, plasma rifle, etc), not to mention the detail that it has RPG features. Timed Levels set at 650sec, Marines set up a barrcade and hold out as long as they can. Variable 'Kit Select' at start up and control of the 4 Marines. Aliens Infestation 3 Officially this title does not exist ... completely abandoned by Mark Pay who gave the rights to Marco Mischeff for the realization of this installment that included improvements in the first 2 titles. It stands out that each marine would have special abilities as well as the option of have an inventory and more interaction with the environment. In the demo comes the author's explanation about the abandonment of the project.
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Free Games 1-3 14MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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