Bloodie Future Games 1998

This is an action freeware game released to promote the Czech puzzle game Boovie from the developer that later went on to make the adventure The Black Mirror. It uses the same graphics engine as Boovie and is similar to the Moorhuhn series. It's a remake of the game of the same name, which the authors programmed in 1994 for the ZX Spectrum. The gameplay is very simple. The main characters of the Boovie game move across the screen - sometimes one, sometimes two. Gradually, various opponents "enter" the playing field - again from Boovie... The player, controlling the sight with the mouse, must destroy these very enemies, not allowing them to come into contact with Boovie, as this is fatal for him. The game ends when the last Boovie on the screen dies. The only bonus in the game is bombs that destroy all opponents on the screen. The tool is very effective and capable of saving the situation, but they rarely come across. The usual weapon is a not very powerful pistol - to destroy opponents, you need several shots at each. Graphics are similar to Boovie, however, instead of beautiful backgrounds, there is just land on which different creatures move.
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