Doomed Erbbysam Productions 2004

An amateur first-person shooter notable for its extremely short duration - the only level can be completed in just two minutes. But despite this, the game is varied and interesting. Before the start of the mission, a skull appears on the screen and addresses the main character in a female voice, calling him Mr. Freeman and telling him that he needs to save the world. And then he begins to approach, and as a result, only the forehead is visible on the screen ... Does it look like anything? Only Half-Life 2 was released in November 2004, and Doomed in August. But surely this famous opening episode is also in the demo. To save the little world of Doomed, it is enough just to destroy the helicopter on which Ben H. is located, which threatens humanity. The level begins on the road near the house with the pier. You need to go into this house, get to the boat and, sailing on it, destroy the helicopter, which for some reason rises out of the water (perhaps the developer meant that it appears from the horizon, but he did not succeed). The main character is confronted by strange soldiers, who look like ordinary people, but close up they turn out to be some cyborgs. Neither save nor change settings is impossible. The first is not required due to its low complexity, and the second is not particularly necessary - all the keys are configured adequately. Only the sensitivity of the mouse is too high, but you can be patient for a couple of minutes. The game has a cheat mode (see the item in the main menu at the top of the screen), but it will not work to become immortal with it. But you can make it rain; however, it looks like you shouldn't. The graphics are at the level of the shooters of 1999-2000, but it should be noted that it is able to please the oldgamer's eye with both the general environment and the little things. Even on such a small level, there are interesting places - take at least a passage through a fake bookcase. There is no music, but there is voice acting. Bottom line: a surprisingly enjoyable mini-shooter that is recommended to all fans of the genre. PS In the folder with the game installed, you can find the “minigame” folder, which contains a kind of “bonus” - a very primitive version of Paratrooper , in which, apparently, you can't even win or lose.
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