Hero Syndrome Big Rook Games 2021

Release Date: TBA This is a third-person shooter puzzle game with dynamic combat and an intricate building system. Test your speed and skills by playing the intensely competitive multiplayer experience which includes ranked 4 v 4 and 1 v 1 modes. If you choose to play through the engrossing single-player campaign, you will fight enemies and solve puzzles to discover the reason behind the unexpected AI incident. Experience the classic competitive team deathmatch that you love, mixed with the addition of building mechanics. You will focus specifically on strategy and smart play. There is no random farming for resources or unfair spawn points in the game. Rather than RNG based loot, victory will be ensured based on game-play skills. Our ExactSkill system encourages competitiveness, allowing you to progress through 50 ranks. Be careful, though. You can go both up and down in the ranking based on your in-game performance. It features an intuitive building system that allows you to efficiently create structures around you while discouraging boxing up and camping. This allows for more creative usage. With a single movement of your mouse, you will be able to construct and edit walls without breaking your pace! Use the walls to your advantage, by helping your teammates or assisting you in solving another demanding puzzle. Fight your way through dangerous enemies and challenging building puzzles as you try to save Ares, a self-sufficient human colony on Mars. Discover the intricate story written by industry veteran, Evan Skolnick, who previously worked with or led narrative teams behind Dying Light, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2, Telltale Games series, Star Wars 1313 (RIP) and many more.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)
Standalone Level Demo v5190931 2.28GB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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