T4 Funeral Dex 2004

This is a superb fanmade side-scrolling platformer built with level editor that was included with T2002, another great Turrican fanmade game (so one could more accurately call the game a "total conversion" of T2002). The game features huge levels, smooth animations, and the same top-notch gameplay that makes Turrican series one of the best shooters ever made. There is no plot to speak of - just shoot everything in sight. There is a lot of power-ups to use, including the very cool jetpack that lets you fly. All the levels are newly created for this game, with all-new graphics and sounds to match. These levels look and play great, although some background graphics are not as detailed or "3D-looking" (e.g. with appropriate shadows) as they could be. It's a well-made labor of love that is worthy of the name "Turrican." The difficulty level is just right in this one. With a lot of new graphics, sound effects, voice acting, and high-quality soundtrack.
Free Game 55.9MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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