Breakpoint Studio Aesthesia / The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild 2020

Charge. Break. Defeat. Repeat. We mixed elements from classic arcade games with modern sensibilities to bring you a challenging top-down score chaser featuring melee weapons that explode. In a twist on the twin-stick formula, you have no ranged attack. Instead, slice, crush, and blast your way through the swarm. Push your weapons to their breakpoint to unleash a devastating explosion on your enemies. Break, charge, and break your weapons again as you fight to stay alive. Features: Master the challenges of a single, focused game mode; Wield five distinct melee weapons, each with three levels of upgrades; Break your weapons, annihilating everything in the blast zone; Dodge through swarms of twelve different enemies; Compete with your friends for score, or reach for the top of the global leaderboard; Watch the best run of anyone in the world through the replay system; Full support for keyboard & mouse, as well as controllers.
Standalone Level Demo v5567842 99MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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