Equinox Space-Time Productions 2005

Equinox is an overlooked Spectrum Classic. Originally released on the Amstrad CPC computers back in 1987, the Speccy version was itself extremely playable, and this is not surprising when you consider the programming team (which included Raffael Cecco of Exolon, Stormlord, and Cybernoid fame). Sury Ani 7 has been a source of mined resources for many a year, but now that it is contaminated, the only way to harvest its bounty is to do so remotely. Worse still, the security system of defence droids is active, and primed to damage anything which attempts to penetrate the surface. As such, you are in control of a Dedicated Disposal Droid in, which must eventually shut down the security system and clear the area of radioactive material. This is done by throwing it down the disposal chute on each of the 8 levels, but you only have limited time before they explode. Fuel is limited and must be found within the complex, with the retro-thrust move using it up particularly quickly. To reach the next level you must find the appropriate pass. This fan-made remake is in a similar style to the original, but is more understandable to the new player, as the original game did tend to be a little bit complicated. New ideas include: 1) Large play-area/flip screen style as opposed to the one-room-at-a-time style of the original. This will make the game easier to negotiate, whilst still keeping the fast-pace of the original. I tried the play area as a "Scroller" but it didn't look right. Flip-Screen is DEFINITELY better, and it is in real time too, to add a bit of realism. 2) Objects will be collectable as in the original, but won't need to be "Used" as in the original, in that you won't have to work out what the hell they're for - things will (hopefully) be more self-explanatory. 3) Items such as packs to re-charge your energy and firepower will be used as soon as you touch them. In the original, you had to pick them up first, then use them... very annoying trying to fend off aliens whilst also juggling items in your inventory.
Free Game ( provided by starlord & upped by Scaryfun) 7.5MB

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