Raging Skies Darthlupi 2004

This is an action arcade game that the player fighter battles against other fighters rotating 360 degress in the screen. In a far future mankind left earth to settle down in colonies throughout the galaxy. But it wasn't long before conflicts between colonies started and war for territory and resources began. Very soon it became clear that Talon Society was the strongest party in this conflict and wanted to rule the whole galaxy. So one day they attacked earth by surprise and managed to destroy their defenses. Only your fighter is left (fortunately you were drinking in a bar and not on your homebase when the attack began) and so it's up to you to stop the evil Talon Society before everything is lost. An interesting story, nice graphics, great music and a fast-paced gameplay make this game highly addictive. The storyline is linear, but it's always up to you which mission (opponent) you choose next. And last but not least there are lots of possibilities to upgrade your ship.
Free Game 4MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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