Karlson Dani 2021

Release Date: TBA What do you get if you combine an FPS, Parkour, Slowmo & ... Milk? KARLSON. The milk-infused man will stop at nothing to locate and drink his favorite beverage. This brings unique and skill based movement to the table, highly inspired by classic FPS titles, set in a mysterious, futuristic setting. It's a chaotic physics based parkour first person shooter where you use wall-runs, grapple guns and explosions to propel you through the levels. There’s a selection of weaponry to try out, including a nifty grappling gun and grenade launchers which you can rocket-jump with, propelling you high into the air. Fight your way out of the facility, and discover the truth behind your past. And the milk. Features: Singleplayer / Story mode; Multiplayer; Map Editor (in progress).
Alpha Level Demo 42MB (uploaded by Itch.io)

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