Expunger (cancelled) David Friedman 1995

A technical demo of shoot'em'up, which does not have a final version, and not at all because this is one of thousands of those games whose authors promised a lot but did nothing. No, in this case, the developer honestly wrote in ReadMe that he never planned to create a full-fledged game. The first thing to note is the excellent graphics style. You will have to fly not in a boring and, in most cases, nondescript space, but over a certain landscape of artificial origin (and maybe not artificial) - gray stone structures with clear boundaries, located on red earth (or lava). The drawing of participants in futuristic shootouts is also pleasing. Since this is still not a full-fledged game, there won't be much variety. Two types of enemies: some shoot missiles, others try to ram. The latter are spherical and suspiciously resemble eyeballs. All of them are safely destroyed by the cannon installed on our ship. But with the boss, everything is different: his reserve of health is huge. Expunger is a wonderful shmup with beautiful graphics, addicting gameplay and good authoring ideas. That is, it could be all of this if he developed into a full-fledged game. Either way, this demo will surely appeal to fans of the genre.
Level Demo 64kb (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)

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