Attack of Green Slimey Space Scum Don Christie 1997

A game written using DJGPP "C", and the ALLEGRO library by Shawn Hargreaves. It is the developer's first game written in "C". This game is a basic Space Shoot-em up with a few nifty features. Although there is not a lot of menu polish and fluff, the game is fun to play with lots of changing enemies and different kinds of enemy movement every level. Shields and Mega-Missiles fall from the sky to replenish your ship. Press the Left-Alt key during the game and Shields will surround your ship and watch the enemy ships and missiles blow-up and vaporize. Press the "X" key on the keyboard or button #2 on the joystick to fire mega-missiles( a rapid volley of missiles ). Just touch the falling yellow Shields or green Missile box with your ship to restock on these valuable resourses. Be sure to read the GRENSLIM.DOC file included in the GRENSLIM.ZIP file BEFORE playing the game. The game can be customized from the Main Menu with a number of features such as turning enemy missiles on/off, controlling the number of enemies to get to the next level, number of lives to start with and more. Each enemy must be hit 2 times to be killed, it just seemed too easy for just 1 hit. The game uses raw PCX picture files for the sprites, so there is a good collection of animated sprites here to easily use in your own games along with the "C" source code.
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