Rinne Tensho [J] TakeTake / KameariHatsuDennohBansanKai 2003

The game is based on a very rare manga for girls "Kuru Kuru Rinne". The plot of the manga on which this game is made is approximately the following: the main character is a girl named Rinne, somewhat clumsy and unlucky, but at the same time kind and firmly going towards her goal (quite characteristic the type of the heroine for this genre). One day she sees a performance on a baton twirling (I don't know, does this sport have any name in Russian - but this is a subspecies of rhythmic gymnastics, which consists in performing with a stick, in particular in its dexterous rotation) and "lights up" with this sport. Sayurin-sensei, a baton-twirling instructor whose performance Rinne saw, hands her a wand, which begins her training. Almost immediately, according to the canons of the genre, another girl appears - Chiaki. She has been engaged in baton-twirling since the age of three and has achieved great success in it, and therefore cannot tolerate if someone better than her in this matter appears, therefore she immediately declares Rinne her rival (although, most likely, again the canons of the genre, she does not harbor such dislike for her and even wants to make friends with her in her heart). The game itself belongs to the STG subgenre called "danmaku" (Japanese 弾 幕, literally "bullet veil", although there is a variant of the translation "bullet hell"). A feature of this genre is that the enemies shoot at you just a HUGE amount of bullets. The latter do not just fly in a straight line, but move along their trajectories, forming bizarre patterns. To make the player's task less impossible, defeat is not counted in danmaku when hitting a character; instead, the character has a so-called. "hitbox" - in fact, his "Achilles heel", if hit in which the defeat is counted. The size of this hitbox is usually small - only a few pixels, but this does not greatly simplify the task. You can play either for Rinne herself, or for her "rival" Chiaki. Control is carried out with just one button (not counting the arrows for movement): a short press of button 1 on the joystick (or Z on the keyboard) - "fan" shot - allows you to "hook" more enemies on the screen, but has less damaging power. If you hold down the fire button, then the heroine begins to shoot with a thick beam - a rather smaller number of enemies fall under it, but its striking power is much greater. Apparently, no bombs or other attack options are provided. From knocked out enemies, prizes in the form of fruits drop; you don't need to collect them manually: just let go of the fire button and they will fly to you by themselves (a relatively common mechanic in danmaku). The graphics are drawn quite simply - sometimes you even get the impression that they were drawn in Paint, but this does not spoil the picture at all. Firstly, there is no frankly clumsy drawing in the game, and secondly, it looks cute in its own way. There is an unusual feature: in the game options menu there is an item "Atari Adjust", which allows you to move the hitbox (mentioned above) to almost any place on the character. By default, the hitbox is located in the mouth area. The "Atari Disp" item allows you to enable the display of this parameter during the game. Despite the fact that the game looks quite cute, the difficulty in it is not childish at all, and the lack of difficulty setting makes everything worse. So it can be recommended only to those who are already quite experienced in this genre.
Japanese ISO Demo 86MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)

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