Hostile Mars Big Rook Games 2021

Release Date: Mar 31 This is the world's first TPS defense automation game focused specifically on combat. It is a third-person shooter mixed with tower defense, item manufacturing, and automation. Build and upgrade a massive defense factory filled with automated delivery bots to keep your defenses stocked with ammo and power. Plan out your defense as waves of attacking robots come storming in to attack your base. Strategically place walls, traps, and turrets to create a defense strong enough to keep your home base energy core protected. Try different combinations of traps and turrets to find interesting and fun ways to kill the attacking swarm. Almost everything you build can be upgraded: your traps to deal more damage, collect materials that fall from defeated enemies, and tons of other crazy stuff; your turrets to shoot farther and hit harder; your base to unlock new items; walls, guns, ammo, delivery bots, harvesters, machines, buildings, storage, and more. Harvest valuable resources that help you create powerful new weapons, turrets, traps, buildings, walls, platforms, and more harvesters. Automate - You won’t last long without automating defensive logistics. Print delivery bots to transport various items around home-base like from ammo stations to turrets or from resource nodes to blast furnaces. Build your own army of robots or try to fight them yourself by focusing your resources on upgrading weapons and armor. Persistent Base - Continue to build a massive defense factory while you sit back and watch the carnage of the attacking enemies getting chewed up and repurposed by your defenses. Try different base layouts risk-free by moving base defenses around without penalty.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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