Descension sodaraptor, doktore, ragnaroksixx 2020

This is a submission to 2000s FPS Game Jam by FORST5R. It's 1996 all over again... this time with a twist. Blast and grapple your way through hordes of supernatural monsters across multiple procedurally-generated dimensions. If you grew up playing games like Quake, Unreal Tournament, or Doom... you'll fall in love with DESCENSION. Equip tons of different style weapons. Use shotguns, machineguns, rocket launchers, guns that shoot more guns and many others. Always remember, your grappling hook is your friend. Harness the power of a wide array of runic power orbs. Gather a new orb at every level to modify or add to your existing abilities, such as Life Steal, Speed Boost, Double Damage, and many more... Grotesque monsters lurk around every corner. Defend yourself against crawling mutants, biomechanical brains, demonic ghosts, and others even more sinister. A vast, procedural landscape awaits your destruction. Carve a path through a haunted military facility, morbid dungeon, doomed space-station, and even a dimension so forbidden it was saved for last... if you can survive long enough to get there. This was made in a month with a team of 3 people.
Free Game 95MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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