Black Skylands Hungry Couch Games / tinyBuild 2021

Release Date: May The Earth turned into thousands of floating islands. In the new world, you must fight Kain's Falcons - bandits, who raided your home - as well as the mysterious swarm, hidden in the depths of the Black Skylands. With your trusty hook, a jetpack, and a ship, explore the beautiful open world in search for revenge against those who wronged your family. Learn the story of young Walter and his friends. Rebuild your Fathership and embark on a journey beyond the clouds. Fight in the sky and on land. Explore the sprawling open-world of Skylands with many islands: forest, snow, farm, and urban biomes, and the mysterious Black Skylands themselves. Harness the power of different weapons, using their special abilities to destroy your foes. Level up in the world by unlocking upgrades for your ships and guns. Experience unique special abilities granted by the ancient artifacts, scattered throughout Skylands. Restore your Fathership to its former glory - build farms, trade, craft weapons and ship modifications. And remember: The Sky is always hungry.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)
Standalone Level Demo v5105424 108MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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