Blue Sabers: Early Mission Blue and White / Henteko Doujin 2021

Release Date: TBA Use conventional and three types of special weapons to overcome difficult situations.Take control of the battlefield with support aircraft. Long-established STG development team, Blue&White, the first new one in 13 years, and a new origin. More than a decade of warfare between the MUltinational COmpanys Community (MUCOC) and the International Unification Treaty Organization (IUTO) has left both sides exhausted and A stalemate had been reached. To break the deadlock, the MUCOC fleet gathered its remaining forces and launched Operation Earth Descent. Although the IUTOs were allowed to descend, they put up a desperate resistance to prevent the expansion of the front line. However, there were not enough surplus forces, and the counter-offensive was left in the hands of a mish-mash of new recruits and reserve forces. The name of the unit was the "Blue Sabres". Thus the battle later known as "Second MUCOC War" has began. The main point of the game is how to make a way with powerful weapons and supply. Break out of a difficult situation by mastering three types of special weapons, which are limited to normal armament and singular numbers. Calling for your support aircraft, Garuda, allows you to refuel your special weapons and restore your ship's shields. The key to victory is the timing of calling the Garuda. Features: A shmup with a unique supply system; Dynamic camera work with 3D graphics added to the 2D shooting experience; 7 stages + Tutorial; 6 ships + 2 support aircrafts; Gamepad supported.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)
Standalone Level Demo v5702930 66MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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