Mega Man X Engine Dragon Developer 2021

Release Date: TBA Mega Man X Engine (usually referred to as the MMX Engine) is a fan-made engine that recreates the SNES Mega Man X gameplay and physics, but also includes elements from later entries, such as Zero's saber-usage and the Ultimate Armor. The second demo also has Iris from Mega Man X4 playable. Development started in January 2019 and a demo was released in January of 2020, followed by another demo in May. The demos has been very well received. The first iteration was discontinued and left unreleased, but a new engine is now in development and an early version is currently open source for Game Maker: Studio 2. This incarnation has added other amours from other MMX games. The traditional Mega Man X gameplay is present, with walking, dashing, wall jumping and shooting appearing relatively accurate to the SNES engine. The currently-developing engine has four playable characters, X, Zero, Axl and Iris. Currently, the engine comes with two weapons for Mega Man X. Zero has access to some of his special attacks from Mega Man X4. As shown via the title screen, there are plans for a multiplayer mode and a training mode. Multiplayer is online. A Discord video showcases the potentially large amount of players (at least more than four). The training mode may likely be similar to the one seen in Mega Man X5, but that's not known right now.
Private Build Demo 20MB (uploaded by Legends World)

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