Reptiles: In Hunt Corpix Games / Games Operators, PlayWay S.A. 2021

Release Date: TBA Over 200 years have passed since the world fell. You are a hunter in a world full of dinosaurs. However, there are creatures much more dangerous than the gigantic reptiles. These are Reptilians invading these lands, burning villages and kidnapping children. Save your son from the hands of the Reptilians. To do this, you will have to hunt dinosaurs, discover the ruins of a ruined human civilization and build new, stronger weapons. The game takes the best features from other survival and action games. Take resources from the environment, skin the dinos, and dive into water to search for unique items. Use a drone to find dinos’ positions. Search dangerous and dark metro tunnels to find unique loot. All of this with a look of third-person perspective. Features: many different dinosaurs; craft and collect weapons; stealth hunting; dinosaur interactions (fighting in groups, attacking other dinos); swimming; underground (destroyed tunnels); outstanding graphics; drones; deadly Reptilians.
Standalone Level Demo v5639836 3.47GB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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