Shards of Hope BananaCrunchDev 2021

Release Date: TBA Immerse yourself in the nightmares of hopeless children in a hardcore 2.5D fusion between a bullet hell and a classic metroidvania set in an atmosphere of dread and gloom. Kyr, son of the Night Goddess Nyx, is in charge of relieving the minds of the children from their nightmares through the use of his only weapon, The Light. As Kyr, you will navigate through a dystopian world full of children’s nightmares and horrid creatures as you will find yourself surrounded by a degrading environment as you get deeper into the child’s mind. You must explore the vast place of the nightmare realm in order to help Kyr improve his skills and power. Go into Oneiros and help Kyr restore the hope of the children by defeating the True Nightmares within them.
Level Demo v1.0 2.19GB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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