Hyperoid Hutchins Software / WayForward Technologies Inc. 1991

This Asteroids clone features a fairly large playing field and some features not found in the classic arcade version: protective shields, mass-destructive smart bombs and annoying little green things that reproduce at an alarming rate. Originally on Windows 3.1, a freeware port to Windows 95 was later released in 1994. It was modified, an extra ship is awarded when the player scores 33,333 points or a multiple thereof, and the baddies' bullets do more damage. The game plays in a resizeable window and, allegedly, it can even be played in the game's icon. It is entirely keyboard controlled and has a 'Boss key'. In 2001, SDLRoids was released by Eon Games that uses SDL for sound and graphics, has a couple of extra powerups and the shield behaves differently. The game can either run in windowed mode or in fullscreen mode. You can (usually) switch between them during play by pressing Alt-Enter.
Free Game v1.1 (provided by starlord & upped by Scaryfun) 59kb
Free Game for Windows 95 75kb (uploaded by Official Site)
SDLRoids Free Game v1.3.4 191kb (uploaded by SourceForge)

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