Hydro Storm 2 Xform / GamesBrigade, Itch 2014

Somewhere, on the treacherous waves of tomorrow, where law is non-existent, and lady justice has packed her bags... The most post apocalyptic jetski racer from the future. The player is supposed to complete all challenges. Some of the challenges are named Metro Mayhem, Harboring Destruction, River Ruckus and more. The player can choose between three boats, which are Wavecutter, Razor V2 and ThunderFish. They are all equipped with weapons which are the Machine Gun, Spreadgun and Minigun. While racing, the player can eliminate other players by hitting them with his weapon and vice versa. He can also be eliminated by touching a sea mine. Although the player just respawns and after that he can continue racing. While racing, the player can drive up ramps which give the boat a small boost. He can also open up box collectibles, which have random gadgets in it. Those boxes feature rockets, barrels and much more stuff. Rockets for example are useful to kill opponents instantly. If the player gets eliminated and he hasn't used his gadget yet, he would lose that too. Features: Racing and shooting 3d action game; Now equipped with machineguns, shotguns and miniguns; 3 Awesome water racing machines to choose from; 6 different water filled tracks to master; Explosive pickups like rockets, flamethrowers and torpedo's; Unlock all achievements and secrets.
Browser-Playable Free Game *requires Unity plugin (uploaded by Games Brigade)

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