Blackout Z: Slaughterhouse Edition NukGames 2017

This is an addictive fast paced top down shooter game. Slaughter tons of zombies and try to avoid sharp saws while the battery of your flashlight is slowly draining. Perfect to play when you want some fast action and have not much time or while you are on a queue for another game , this is a small re-playable arcade game, the objectives included are: Score Chase (with online leaderboards), unlock weapons and hats, achievements. Blackout Z is based on a free game made for Ludum Dare 39. The "Slaughterhouse edition" includes more weapons, better graphics, improved gameplay, more tracks and more... You should defend yourself from zombies by shooting at them and running when you're out of bullets, but be careful with the saws, they are pretty sharp. The battery of your flashlight is always draining, so don't forget to pick up batteries before it's too dark. Remember: Kill zombies, avoid saws and pick battery. Get a higher score by killing zombies before the combo bar ends. The multiplier increases every 10 kills. Features: Fast paced arcade experience; Addictive gameplay; Unlock new weapons and hats; Awesome 7 tracks original soundtrack; Steam leaderboards achievements and trading cards (coming soon); Steam cloud support.
Steam Free Game (until Jan 4) (uploaded by Steam)

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