Shadows of Kepler Infinite Hole 2021

Release Date: Feb This is a Sci-Fi Horror Survival game with RPG elements which brings an unique style in first person. In our game you will have "butterfly effects". That means, choices matter, a simple yes or no in a conversation will change the whole fate of a character and even your path. Sometimes choices will be unconscious. Small decisions, great twists. After a huge catastrophe on Earth, Sergeant Cooper wakes up on the spaceship, Everything looks fine until all hell breaks lose during the entrance of the planet Kepler. Kepler is full of dangerous places and foes. The player will have to discover how to survive in this unique environment and in and out of the ship. Everything is connected with charismatic characters who helps you to survive in this place. Uncover the mysteries of this very hazardous adventure, welcome to Shadows of Kepler. Features: A beautiful, hostile world - discover the dangers of the planet Kepler; Deadly combat and stealth - customize your arsenal of weaponry, engage human and mutant foes in a thrilling tactical combat; Your choices determine how you will survive in the journey; your decisions have consequence in the storyline that offers massive re-playability; The different place areas let's you see a little of everything in this journey, using your space suit, try to help humans and survive in this terrifying place.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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